WednesdayMar 01, 2023 11:15 am

GeoSolar Technologies Inc.’s Home Renewable Energy Solutions Protect Owners from Price Shocks as Subsidies Reach Record Levels

The International Energy Agency predicts global energy subsidies topped record high of $1 trillion in 2022, contributing to incorrect price signaling, market distortion, rising government spending, discourage renewable energy adoption GeoSolar develops whole home renewable energy solutions that can help insulate building owners from price shocks, contribute to energy independence SmartGreen(TM) Home system comprises geothermal ground loops, photovoltaic solar panels, integrated air ducts and floor loops, CERV(R) air filtration, upgrades to insulation, lighting systems, and windows GeoSolar plans to market SmartGreen(TM) to over 120 million homes across U.S., system can be integrated into both newly built and existing residences and…

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