FridayMar 15, 2024 9:00 am

The US Electric Grid Ill-Equipped for Green-Energy Revolution

American efforts to transition from fossil fuels to green alternatives such as solar and wind may ultimately be hampered by the country's ill-equipped power grid. While the United States has made significant efforts to limit its reliance on coal, oil and natural gas in power generation, experts have long warned that the electric grid will not be able to handle an influx of green energy, especially in line with the ambitious green-energy goals set forth by the Biden administration. According to a significant number of energy analysts and experts, America's electric grid won't be able to handle the surge in…

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WednesdayMar 13, 2024 9:00 am

New Report Explores Barriers to Clean-Energy Transition

America plans to reduce its emissions by eliminating fossil fuels from energy generation and replacing fossil fuel-dependent technology with alternatives that run on renewable energy. Certain policy measures including the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) have reduced clean-energy prices to such a degree that renewables now cost the same as generating energy from combusting fossil fuels. Although making green energy as affordable as fossil-fuel energy is a major step toward achieving a carbon-free economy, a new report has highlighted noncost factors that are slowing down green energy adoption in the United States. After analyzing different modeling scenarios, the Clean Investment…

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TuesdayMar 12, 2024 9:00 am

Growing Emphasis on Environmental Stewardship Boosts Correlate Energy Corp. (CIPI)’s Distributed Energy Solutions

Amid a politicized backlash over corporate ESG responsiveness, investors are increasingly focusing on the E element in the acronym — environmental transitioning Distributed energy solutions company Correlate Energy Corp. is an environmental stewardship-responsive company helping clients to adopt microgrid and clean energy strategies The company recently completed the installation of an emission-reducing rooftop solar power project, billed as the largest such facility in Illinois Correlate’s installation is expected to reduce about 18,849 tons of carbon dioxide over the next 20 years while providing about 20 to 25 percent of the facility’s overall needs Global asset manager giant BlackRock’s recent decision…

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MondayMar 11, 2024 9:00 am

Europe Lags Behind in Clean Hydrogen Plans

Alongside solar and wind energy, hydrogen is another alternative energy source with the potential to accelerate the phase-out of dirty fossil fuels such as coal and oil. Using hydrogen for energy purposes does not produce emission. In addition, hydrogen can be combined with other gases to make liquid fuels, and already existing infrastructure can be reworked to serve hydrogen. This makes hydrogen an invaluable asset for nations trying to decrease and eventually eliminate their reliance on fossil fuels without having to make significant investments in green-energy infrastructure. But while experts predict hydrogen will be a major source of renewable energy…

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FridayMar 08, 2024 9:00 am

China on Course to Reach Wind, Solar Power Targets

China is close to hitting its solar and wind power targets six years ahead of schedule despite dealing with a myriad of economic hurdles, a think tank has revealed. According to a report from the Beijing Institute of Technology's Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, China is on track to install more than 200 million kilowatts of new wind and solar capacity this year, bringing the east Asian nation close to achieving its free-energy goals. The country is overwhelmingly reliant on fossil fuels to heat its massive population and power its industrial economy. As a result, it produces more…

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WednesdayMar 06, 2024 9:00 am

Why More Local Governments Are Rejecting Green-Energy Projects

Despite the United States’ commitment to adopting renewable forms of energy such as solar and wind to help mitigate climate change, recent reports have revealed that a growing number of local governments in the country are refusing to permit solar and wind industrial sites. According to USA Today, local governments countrywide are banning solar and wind energy plants faster than they are building new ones. The report was based on a countrywide analysis that revealed at least 15% of U.S. counties have essentially stopped the installation of utility-scale solar and wind. USA Today found that local governments are stopping green-energy…

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MondayMar 04, 2024 9:00 am

EU Hopeful of Meeting Energy Transition Goals as Wind Farm Investments Soar

A recent report from industry group WindEurope has revealed that 2023 was a record year for wind-energy projects in Europe. An increase in wind-energy investments through the year also increased hopes of the European Union achieving its green-energy targets, the industry group says. Wind energy will be critical to the EU cutting greenhouse gas emissions and meeting its clean energy goals by mid-century. According to WindEurope’s annual report, the wind-energy industry faltered in 2022 amid high interest rates, soaring inflation and incredible volatility in the energy market after Russia invaded Ukraine. However, the industry experienced significant improvements across key areas…

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FridayMar 01, 2024 9:45 am

Turbo Energy (NASDAQ: TURB) Harnesses AI Technologies to Combat Climate Change

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) has become an increasingly prominent tool in the battle against climate change AI can now be used across a myriad of use cases, ranging from tracking small-scale deforestation through to measuring the melting rate of the polar icecaps Turbo Energy has looked to harness AI technologies within its core product portfolio, including its SunBox and GoSolar home energy systems AI has emerged as a key tool within solar energy management systems, driving efficiency and lowering costs across the solar energy production supply chain Home to over 5 million square kilometers of tropical rainforest and storing over 200…

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FridayMar 01, 2024 9:00 am

Switching to Renewable Energy Helps Climate, Economy

The potential economic impacts of transitioning to renewable energy such as solar and wind have left many questioning the financial feasibility of clean energy. With extreme weather events becoming increasingly common worldwide, the need for concrete climate-change remediation efforts is becoming more urgent. Research by Toronto Metropolitan University associate professor of global management studies Deborah de Lange suggests that renewable energy innovations have a positive impact on the economy. The professor found that transitioning to clean energy can contribute to a higher national GDP. Most climate-change experts encourage quick carbon emission reduction efforts before we do irreparable damage to the…

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