MondayAug 10, 2020 3:30 pm

AI and IoT Solutions Could Boost EV Customer Experience

The electric vehicle (“EV”) industry represents one of humanity’s greatest attempts at cutting down on carbon emissions and making sure the planet remains habitable for future generations. However, carbon based energy has powered humanity to civilization, and the young electric vehicle industry has a long way before seeing 100% adoption. For that to happen, EVs must become more affordable and efficient than internal combustion engine vehicles. Unlike conventional vehicles, EV makers haven’t had decades to research and perfect their technology. It's still a work in progress, with firms constantly tweaking and improving on the technology to make it more efficient…

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FridayAug 07, 2020 9:30 am

Are Sun-Tracking and Transparent Solar Panels Close to Becoming a Reality?

Solar energy will play a crucial role as governments phase out carbon-based energy in favor of green energy. They are more mainstream than wind energy and electric cars, and they have been around for much longer. Despite that, however, solar has a long way to go before it can fully replace conventional energy sources. Sure, solar energy is clean, renewable and doesn't harm the environment. And for the past few years, the market has enjoyed an average annual growth rate of 49%. But, solar still represents a tiny portion of the U.S. energy market with renewables as a whole making…

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WednesdayAug 05, 2020 3:15 pm

How the Ongoing Pandemic Has Affected the Renewable Energy Sector

It will be years before most industries recover to pre-pandemic levels. While certain select industries like online marketplaces and video call platforms have weathered the storm fairly well, sectors such as airlines and food service shouldered the brunt of the coronavirus. As coronavirus cases remain on the rise and people stay sequestered in their homes, the economy is sure to decline even more. The renewable energy market, on the other hand, has had a rough go at it, and the industry's ultimate fate will be determined by how the world handles the coronavirus pandemic. Like most industries, the biggest threat…

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